Patio Contractor in New Jersey

A beautiful patio can increase the value of your home or property and create an outdoor atmosphere for family and friends to enjoy. Whether you are trying to update your home with a new patio installation, renovating an older patio, or repairing an existing patio we will work with you to achieve the desired look at an affordable price. Please view some of our previous work in Central Jersey below.

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Our goal is to provide quality masonry services at very affordable prices. A great backyard usually starts with a nice patio. We offer many great ideas and designs for patio layouts and textures. We are also able to custom build your patio to utilize the available space in the most efficient and attractive manner possible.

With quality craftsmanship, our patios are built to last, and they provide the perfect gateway into the perfect yard. Patio’s are great for having anything from guests over, family functions, or just parties with some friends. A patio creates an impression of yourself and your family to the people you bring into your home.

Please view our Patio Gallery:

Patio Installation

Paradise Stone & Tile Inc. has been a leader in patio installations in the Central New Jersey area. We always strive for excellence in craftsmanship and service in every one of our patio construction projects.

Natural stone patios are built to last for ages and look amazing the whole time. When installing a patio you have many options with stone, design, and patterns.

Raised Patio

A Raised Patio offers endless design options as well as cost savings compared to traditional deck replacements.  Raised patio installations are similar to traditional patio installations but with the added benefit that raised patios can be constructed in locations that lack uniform grading and that do not directly come in contact with surrounding landscaping.

Paradise Stone & Tile’s raised patio installation specialist offers homeowners of New Jersey professionally designed raised patios to meet unique space requirements, landscaping, layouts, and aesthetic preferences. Our raised patios can provide the perfect backdrop for enjoying the great outdoors.

Brick Patio

A brick patio is a beautiful way to highlight your backyard. We provide brick patio design and construction for backyard patios, graden patios, and pool patios throughout New Jersey.

We also install brick patio steps, brick walkways and brick driveways. Brick patios are very appealing and are nice to have when you have guests coming over. Brick patio’s can be costly, but they last for many years and are very easy to repair. Brick’s never need to be resealed or stained like concrete.

Paver Patio

We can also install brick paver patios in a variety of different styles, patterns and colors. From clean and formal to rustic and rugged, your new patio will fit your house and lifestyle.

In the long time you will be saving more time and money by choosing a paver patio. Paver patio’s do not need repair often and last much longer. Paver patio’s do not need to be sealed or stained.

Stone Patio

A great backyard usually starts with a nice stone patio. We also offer bluestone patio design and construction. Stone is long lasting and can create a good impression on visitors.

When it comes to having a stone patio installed there are many different options. There are many different stones to choose from in varieties of shapes, textures, colors, and creating designs.

Concrete Patio

A concrete patio is a great way to put a nice hardscape in your backyard. To give your concrete patio an added effect we usually recommend stamped concrete which mimics any kind of natural stone.

Colored concrete is also very common nowadays and is plain concrete in a variety of colors. Many people are choosing concrete instead of asphalt as it is a nicer alternative.

Stamped Concrete Patio

A stamped concrete patio is one of the most popular and most affordable selections when it comes to installing a new patio. There are a lot of different colors, patterns, and designs to choose from when it comes to stamped concrete.

Stamped Concrete is a cheaper and more affordable look as compared to stone. People are now choosing stamped concrete over stone patios because it is lower in cost.

Flagstone Patio

For a more natural look a flagstone patio is a great addition to any backyard. Using natural flagstone in various colors, we can install a patio that blends into your existing landscape beautifully.

Sandstone, limestone, and slate are commonly used in paving flagstone patios. Flagstone patios are very durable, can also be laid dry for for a permeable surface, and it is very rich in color.