Heated Driveway

Are you interested in having a Heated Driveway installed in NJ?

A heated driveway is a snow melting system (radiant floor system) commonly installed in areas with snow problems, like New Jersey. Heated driveways, heated walkways and sidewalk systems are custom fitted to your property for the most efficient and cost effective installation. The basic idea of a heated driveway is to keep the pavement warm enough to melt falling snow when it contacts the surface instead of letting it pile up.

Heated Driveway and Walkway Installation in New Jersey

A heated driveway is composed of a heating element, sensor, power source and a controller. Once the heating system is turned on through your driveway the heating system in your driveway, walkway or sidewalk will melt the snow and clear the way for you to walk. The heated snowmelt system can be automated or manual. A manual system is the most convenient since you can decide when to turn the system on or off. But this will also present the risk of forgetting to turn the system on or off. That’s when an automated system becomes a better solution.

Types of Snow Melting Systems for Heated Driveways and Walkways

There are several options for snow melting systems for heated driveways and walkways. These include hydronic or electric. Hydronic driveway heating uses hot water to flush the snow. The water travels through pipes that are beneath the driveway or walkways surface. Alternatively, electric uses radiant heating cables installed underneath the driveway. The set of wires is heated up allowing the snow to melt. It uses a sensor that detects if the surface or surrounding area is cold enough. Once the specified temperature is reached, it will automatically turn on the system and then turn it off when it has detected the job is done.

Benefits of having a Heated Driveway

Driveways that are heated help prevent ice accumulation during freezing rain or snow. Having a heated driveway makes simply walking to your car much less dangerous. A heated driveway also reduces the need for using snow removal chemicals and salt which greatly reduces the damage to your driveway. The benefits of having a heated driveway are obvious and can also increase the value of your New Jersey home.

Professional Heated Driveway Installer in NJ

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